ERASMUS+ mobilities

Off to the next round

The project “Expanding Horizons — Thinking Internationally IV” builds on the goals of the previous project. It gives employees of (K) VHSen (regardless of employment) and learners the opportunity to continue their professional, personal and professional education in Europe.

The educational offer makes it possible Institutions, staff and disadvantaged course attendees, to introduce structured internationalization, to increase the quality of offers and to offer future-oriented continuing education opportunities.

As part of the project, up to 40 employees and learners from (district) adult education centers in Saxony-Anhaltapply for funding, regardless of their employment relationship.

The aim of this mobility project is to provide you with international experience and to give you the opportunity to benefit from the experience of international partners in the internationalization process.
Regardless of their employment, they should have the opportunity to improve their learning skills in the central topics of the project through international experience.

What is being funded?

Teachers/employees of (district) adult education centers:

  • Travel expenses: lump sum per person depending on distance
  • Cost of stay: lump sum per person by destination country and duration
  • Organizational support: preparation, mentoring, support for participants during mobility
  • Local course and continuing education costs


  • travel expenses
  • Subsistence expenses
  • Organizational support: preparation, mentoring, support for participants during mobility
  • Inclusion support for participants with low opportunities

The individual amounts are set out in the Funding table. There is also a mobility calculator the NA BIBB.

Who can participate in the project?

There are three groups of employees who, by participating in the mobility project, can expand their skills in order to transfer them to their respective areas of work.

  • employees from the administrative and conceptual areas of adult education who have direct contact with learners at their institution,
  • permanent pedagogical staff from various subject areas,
  • Instructors from various subject areas on a fee basis.

Various mobilities are planned. These can take place (for employees and teachers) in three forms of mobility:

  • courses and training, for example to achieve a specific learning goal through a course
  • Job shadowing/ internship, for example to benefit from the host institution's experience through exchange and observation
  • Teaching and training activities, e.g. to gain teaching experience in a partner organization.

You can freely arrange your mobility both in terms of time and subject matter. This gives you flexible time and allows you to select offers specifically based on your interests and areas of development.

Disadvantaged learners can also take advantage of continuing education via ERASMUS+. In the sense of Erasmus+, “disadvantaged learners” are people who come from economic, social, cultural, geographical or health reasons, due to disabilities, learning difficulties or due to their migration background have no or only difficult access to educational opportunities.

The following mobility options are available:

  • Group mobility of adult learners
  • Short-term learning mobilities of adult learners
  • Long-term learning mobilities of adult learners

In terms of content, adult learners' learning mobilities should include a combination of various formal, informal and non-formal learning methods and techniques, such as peer learning, work-based learning, volunteering, and other innovative approaches. This may include face-to-face learning, job shadowing, internships, work-based learning (internship) or other innovative approaches.

Looking for an exchange of experiences and inspiration?

In our specially set up for this project blog you can find testimonials from former participants.

You have the opportunity to share your mobility with other project participants, be inspired by the stories and pictures from completed mobilities for your own continuing education, or exchange ideas directly with other participants.


You can apply to the Landesverband der Volkshochschulen Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

All required application documents can be found at the bottom of this page. Please contact us for further information.


Contact person

Lea Schubert
Project coordination

Landesverband der Volkshochschulen Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.
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39104 Magdeburg

Phone: +49 391 73693-21